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Single and Savvy Mom Summit

24 Experts Reveal Their Strategies on How to Keep Your Kids SafeYourself Happy, and Your Money Multiplying


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Worrying about the future of your children and whether you are doing the right thing for them?

Always feeling tired and overwhelmed and being pulled in different directions?

Do you feel like you're alone in this journey?

Wondering what it takes to feel financially secure?

If you answered Yes, you are in the right place!

As a single mom, you have what it takes to raise successful and happy children, have financial stability, and feel loved and supported.

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Learn from these amazing experts!

I hand-picked speakers who are at the top of their game… who LIVE their success… who I have the utmost respect for… and I knew would be bringing it with massive amounts of value!

Each of them jumped on board with this summit, without hesitation, and despite their busy schedules… which speaks volumes to their passion and dedication to helping YOU.

Robbie Matthews

The Power of the Pocketbook

Tarinee Sawetnaphanon

Know Where Your Numbers Are

Anne-Marie Wickham

Ultimate Confidence - Inner Strength - Live Life without Limits

Genie Goodwin

3 Massive Mistakes Single Moms Make That Attract the Wrong Man & How to Avoid Them

Saskia Fokkink

With Angels, You Are Never Alone

​Shannon Turner

Self-Care is Not Selfish

Mariam Dionne

Raise your vibration through self-care of body, mind and soul

​Gaorii Giordana Dunkhorst

The power of the menstrual cycle and how to harness it

Meilin Ehlke

Relate and communicate with your children and their father in ANEW way

​Lillian Cauldwell

A Single Women's Sexuality While Bringing Up Her Child(ren)

Michael Hession

​Michael Hession

Take Control of Your Financial Well-Being!

​Dalene Davies

​Art of Communication

Katrine Fjelding-Larsen

​Adopting healthy and child friendly habits

Susanne Bateman

Negotiating with Your Ex

​Tracey Dobbins

Why Friendships are Important for Moms

​Michelle Gamble

Holistic Healing for Children with Chronic Illnesses

​​Nicole Richardson

Smart Way on How Single Moms Tackle Awkward Questions from Their Child/Children

​Madeleine Davis

Parenting and How to Help Single Moms Start a Business. What do I do now?

​Zina Arinze

Break up Recovery – particularly Single Moms mind set towards the father of their kids

Alexandra Litor

Know the Paradigm Shift in Health and Wellness

​​Richard Jack

Single moms - Simple ways to inspire and parent your sons

​Sabrina Ben Salmi

Every Mom's Legacy: It’s about time that we stop giving our children indefinite time to remain on the streets and leaving their future to chance.

​​Paolo Ben Salmi

Getting off the iPad & Digital Games

Tray-Sean Ben Salmi

​​10 seconds to child genius

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About Lian Henriksen

I am 73, a Chinese Dane and have been living in Denmark for 35 years.

I call myself The Silver Sword-Lady from Denmark, I help women to cut through the BS of their excuses so that they have the clarity to attract LOVE & MONEY.

I have worked through over the last 12 years so much of my own BS. I see myself as a woman who has been so challenged by what life has brought me and survived well. I am exactly where I want to be. 

I want to share my processes with you in a structured, guaranteed-to-work way, so that you can remove the blocks and patterns you have that stops you from manifesting what you desire.

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